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We recognize that issues such as climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy conservation are concerns shared by every global citizen. We work relentlessly to reduce the environmental impact of waste. We also hold longstanding policies of protecting the environment, conserving energy, and saving natural resources.

Over the years, this policy has helped us divert millions of pounds of materials from our nation's landfills.

We commit to ensuring that the entire recycling chain, including downstream intermediaries and recovery operations such as smelters, are meeting all applicable environmental and health regulations. Best efforts will be made to only make use of those facilities (e.g. smelters), which provide the most efficient and least polluting recovery services available. We agree to provide visible tracking of waste throughout the product recycling chain. The tracking information should show the final disposition of all waste materials.

We strive for a Zero Waste environment internally to eliminate all types of waste from our operation increasing efficiency and creating a more sustainable world.

Recycling Statistics

How we are helping the environment by recycling waste. The following chart is in thousands of pounds diverted from landfills

2010 2011 2012 2013